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Getting started with Windows Azure

Learn how to get started building applications for Windows Azure with the Windows Azure SDK & Tools

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Some time ago a friend of mine recommended me a project which consisted in an iPhone application which would receive the news from a webservice. And, behind the webservice, should exist a Windows Azure app. I had very little time to learn the details of Windows Azure and, after a while, the project was released. The experience was very interesting and satisfying but, since Windows Azure was a very recent technology, there weren't so many material or bug reports where I could look at that time.

And why am I saying that?

Because now, after Microsoft have re-organized itself and moved some people around, Scott Guthrie became the head of Windows Azure team and gave a keynote about Microsoft's newest technology:

The keynote is very interesting and have clarified many points about Windows Azure I didn't know or I have ignored. It's a good start for everyone who would like to dive into cloud computing using the Microsoft stack.

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