About me

About me

Senior Software Developer using .NET to make things happen

I am a Brazilian Certified Software Developer based in Prague, with 20 years of career developing global web solutions and mentoring young professionals.

My name

My name became an inconvenience from the moment I started living abroad. I get that. So, allow me to explain.

My given name is "Davidson". "Sousa" is the last part of my surname. Hence "Davidson Sousa" on this website. This is how I identify myself in my online and professional profiles, e-mails, and so on. So, if you want to add me to your contact list please do it as Davidson Sousa (name surname) or Sousa, Davidson (surname, name).

However, the full version of my name is "Davidson da Silva Sousa". In Brazil, we follow the Portuguese naming convention, which is: Given name (Davidson), Mother's surname (da Silva), and Father's surname (Sousa). Sometimes we may have a second given name too but that's not my case. I only use this version of my name for government-issued documents and anything that requires me to show an ID card. So, if you want to buy me flight tickets, please use the full version.

Spelling: My mother's surname (da Silva) is 2 words. The "da" is always in small caps unless you put my full surname in front of my name.

Pronunciation: "Sousa" is pronounced like this.

Alphabetization: In listings, my name may appear in either "D" or "S", depending on which convention you follow.

My experience

When I worked as Team Leader, I was able to lead a cross-functional and culturally diverse team that was responsible for the full software development life cycle (SDLC) for international clients such as Novartis, Nestlè, Microsoft, and Dell to name a few.

As a Trainer, I worked both as Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) delivering Microsoft Official Courses and also delivering tailored training sessions per request. But, since I am not renewing my MCT anymore, I was moved to the MCT Alumni category.

You can check my Microsoft Transcript by clicking on the link below:

Transcript at: http://bit.ly/ValidateMCP2
Transcript ID: 949304
Access code: davistranscript

Besides, I am always trying something new in order to keep my knowledge fresh. My latest ongoing pet project is the entire rebuild of my website, which you can see in my Github repository: https://github.com/davidsonsousa/CMSEngine.

Do you want to talk?

You can connect with me on Linked In or follow me on Twitter.