A short story about my return to Czech Republic

What happened in this month of hibernation after my arrival?

Hibernation. This is what defines what I was doing during the last 30 days. No, I wasn’t in deep sleep like bears… I meant that I toke some vacations from myself in order to make some analysis of the environment here in Czech Republic as I needed to get back on track. And since I spent 6 months in Brazil you can imagine how different these countries are…

The first thing I’ve done after arrive was to get a new notebook. My old one now belongs to Alena but she doesn’t seem to get along well with it. It seems that she has created a kind of bond with her old machine but, after some time, she will accept the change. I hope :)

Another thing I’ve started to do is to try to move a bit more. And since I have a Kinect at home I started playing Your Shape: Fitness Evolved often, in addition to walking outside. I have to confess: The first week was very painful but now everything seems fine. And I feel a bit more alive, less anxious and with better concentration. Maybe I am going to write few articles about this soon. A huge maybe because sometimes I really need an extra motivation for exercises. But I guess my current 91kg are very motivational...

Then we have Windows 8 RTM releasing! Since I am an MCT I could get it on August 15th via my TechNet subscription. How does it feel? Is it amazing? Do I like it? Well, I am going to write kind of review about that in few days but the answer is: I love it! But stay tuned for the review.

So far this is everything what happened during the last weeks. Yes, I know... I didn't do anything so much interesting since I spent 99% of my time at home. We have even planned a short trip to Belgium but, unfortunately, we couldn't go.

Ah, of course... I have started looking for a job while waiting for 2 great things which might happen in few weeks. Whichever seems better (money + environment), I will pick it. But let’s see. Whatever happens I will post here. But probably all recruiters are on vacation around here or, which could be worse, there are really few .NET positions around here.

Stay tuned!