Carrer move: From .NET Developer to Microsoft Certified Trainer

When the crisis comes it's time to make a career move. That's why I went to the education field!

There were some changes since the beginning of the year. From the moment that Europe got hit really hard by the crisis I was wondering about my next career move. There was a very low demand of .NET Developers last year and some HR managers even suggested me to move to Java since its demand was much higher. But I didn’t and still don’t want. Nothing against the technology itself, it’s just that I love the Microsoft stack.

Also, if we talk about place to live, Czech Republic isn’t such a friendly country as people might wonder. Don’t get me wrong, the country is wonderful. But if you don’t speak the language you will get into troubles with very simple things. Ok, there are some websites like which helps a lot but you can check with any foreigner living in Prague: Czech people seems to complicate a lot their lives over there.

So, the first change was my return to Brazil. Not for life, but for just 6 months. The reason was the crisis – which I have mentioned above – and also invitation from my friend to come to São Paulo and work in a training center with him. Technically I would come to “save his life” as he prefers to teach Database related topics but lately was teaching.NET stuff. As result I am working with him as a trainer at Ka Solution, which is the largest Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Learning Solutions (CPLS) in Latin America, since January.

As second change I became Microsoft Certified Trainer. Check the details on how to be a MCT here.

I am enjoying quite a lot this routine of trainer. I would say that the main difference between a trainer and a developer is the level of stress. While the developer is constantly under pressure the trainer’s life is much more relaxed. The trainer has, of course, a huge responsibility since he is the one who will share his knowledge with others creating, then, a new set of developers per class.

Of course, I am aware of this responsibility and I guess I am doing well.

Another difference is the money at the end of the month. As developer, generally, it doesn’t matter how much you work as you will always get the same money. As trainer I feel it’s quite fair to get some coins according to the amount of classes I get. If I work a lot, I get a lot of money. If I work less, I get less money.

Until this moment being a trainer is financially advantage for me.

I have to think about my next move. As I am not planning to quit the education area I guess an English speaking country would be quite interesting. England and Ireland are some of the obvious choices. But we will see.

Stay tunned!