Changes after 9 months into the COVID-19 pandemic

Changes after 9 months into the COVID-19 pandemic

Some improvements in my environment and also on myself

Back in April I decided to write about working from home. Even though I did not mention, the main idea was to write monthly about it. We are in an exceptional situation and I figured it would be important. The problem is: I did not consider that the boundaries I tried to set in my work/personal life would just fade away because of the changes we had in the project I am working on.

Honestly, this year made me a physical and mental wreck and I will probably need to schedule some visits to a good psychiatrist. Or probably take a 1-year sabbatical in a paradise island.

But, well, let’s go through some good stuff while this doesn’t happen.

As having the best tool for the job is important, my computer got an upgrade: I decided to double the RAM and storage. Even though I use the company notebook for working, I figure I would be more efficient by having a more powerful machine on the side whenever necessary. And it is being particularly useful, especially when I need to do some heavy processing that my work notebook would normally struggle with.

The 3-monitor setup was replaced by a single super ultrawide screen, the Samsung C49RG9. And now I use Microsoft PowerToys with FancyZones to manage the windows positioning. As result, I get a better view without having to move my neck so much. The only problem is screen sharing thanks to the 5120x1440 resolution. You can play this video in full screen to know what I am talking about. I may need to add a second screen with a more normal resolution in the future if I want to do any sort of screen share.

With the new computer and screen, new games. I am splitting my gaming time between my Xbox and my PC. Game Pass Ultimate is a blessing in that matter.

Forza Motorsport 7 on a super ultrawide screen

Now in December I decided to gift myself a Canon EOS M50. For long time I wanted to learn about photography and, well, the time is now. It’s been pretty refreshing to learn something new and completely unrelated with my line of work. And yes, phones today are already taking really nice pictures. But nothing will replace a good camera. Otherwise we would see wedding pictures taken by an iPhone.

Also, I will get to walk outside more when looking for the perfect shot. Perhaps my Instagram will have better pictures from now on.

On the physical side, I decided to do some jogging during summer even though I was not doing that for 20 years. Of course, I felt muscles that I didn’t remember they existed. But once I got used to, it was easier. Summer ended and I stopped as I am still not ready to run when it’s under 15C.

My home exercises increased with the end of summer: Push-ups whenever I have time, get up and stretch every hour. I am trying to keep as natural as possible, fitting into my routine. Meaning: If I need to deploy something, I exercise. I am waiting for the food in the microwave, I exercise. Sometimes even in meetings (on mute, no camera). I am not following any sort of routine, I am just trying to move as much as I feel like. But as I completely ignored my exercises in October and November, my body started complaining: I started feeling an excruciating thigh pain in both legs which only stopped when I started walking outside again.

In conclusion, what to say. It’s far from perfect but it was a good learning. I will definitely change some things for next year, especially when concerning the work/personal life boundaries. Probably adding more exercise/walking time into the routine so I don't become an atrophied potato bag.

I still look forward for when we can move freely again. Do I miss the office? Not really, but because I am able to work in a nice environment at home. But I’d still visit it once a week. 😉