I'm not good at New Year's resolution

I'm not good at New Year's resolution

I was supposed to do a couple of things in 2021 but my mental health was on the way

364 days ago, I wrote about my plan for 2021. It was relatively ambitious, but totally feasible. And I was really going for it. But I was not counting with the lack of mental capacity to do most of those.

Do you know what is it like to feel your brain melting when you start doing something? Yep, it was like that.

The first 2 items (Pass some MS Exams and Teach at least 80 hours of MS content) could be easily achievable if I had would just put a little bit of extra effort in my daily life and used some of my free time to go beyond my daily work routine. I can say I had a relative freedom for that due to calmer times (end of project) but, well, apparently my mental health had other plans.

The next 2 items in my list were partially achieved. I did shoot a video explaining about regular expressions in Visual Studio. And I did get a little bit better in photography. But then, again, completely far from what I expected.

The last 3 items were a total disaster: I did nothing to improve my home office (apart from buying some pictures and not hanging them), barely wrote more in here and my Czech continues to be on a 2-year-old child level.

As I am a failure when it comes to new year’s resolution, I decided to not make any this time. I will just enjoy and do whatever pleases me while learning how to deal with whatever my mental health will throw at me.